kabunekoWelcome to the MacFarm Web
This site is service of the MacFarm Users Group.
We are MacFarm, a Macintosh user group. Our aim is to make a fruitful future by cooperating with each other using Macintosh as a tool to cultivate ourselves and the society.

BAKUTAMAWelcome to MacFarm!

MacFarm is formed on a computer network "MasterNet". There are many kinds of people including Mac enthusiasts and complete beginners. Everyone is happy and extremely kind.

BAKUTAMA1 We believe that a personal computer like Macintosh is a tool for users and that the users' action and individuality is the key to make it a better friend for humans. MacFarm is formed to let the society know the user group activity and the usefulness of personal computer networking. One of our activity is a booth at WorldExpo/Tokyo every year where we demonstrate original stacks, T-shirts, stuffed dolls and MIDI playing.

BAKUTAMA2 We enjoy ourselves and invite everyone to join us. Our usual activities are performed on a network and there is no need for administrative chores. Our activities are real-time and very enjoyable. You only have to subscribe to MasterNet. You will need a little courage to write to the bulletin board at first time but there will be welcome messages from many members. It is very warm and at home.

BAKUTAMA3 There are no other obligation. We do not collect membership fees. You only have to subscribe to MasterNet and it will cost a little money and also phone expense is paid by you. But the merit of using a network is huge. We do not have to send leaflets. We dot not have to gather for formal meetings.

BAKUTAMA4 You can use and enjoy MacFarm as you wish. You can only watch people go by and joking each other on the network. It is like watching a TV drama. You can ask questions only when you have a trouble using your machine. Many problems are solved this way quicker than consulting books. And you can teach or help others at your level of mastering your favorite applications. This way, we are all citizens of MacFarm.

BAKUTAMA5 Where to contact about MacFarm:

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